The Best Life Vest For Your Kids

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We love sunny weather! And especially once summer rolls around in New England (were we are from). Time to bring out all the summer essentials!


But one thing that really always got me nervous especially since having children was pool safety! My two oldest know how to swim and they are fish! 


But my youngest took a while to learn to swim. He just took longer to learn to swim. (We wont go into the details in this blog). 


But one thing I don’t take lightly is the type of life vest he wore!


I want to share a life vest that originally was given to me when my oldest was little. This life vest is US coast guard approved and I honestly would not recommend any other life vest to parents!


All three of my children wore these vest when they were little and also when they were learning to swim.

It provides so much support and the design of this vest does not pull them forward like other floaties do. It actually keeps them sitting up. These also buckle in the back providing more peace of mind. My children also find them more comfortable because they are worn more like a shirt than going just around their top section and armpits.

These are called “TYR Kids’ Start to Swim Flotation Shirt.


These are 10/10 my favorite vest for kids. I have not had another vest come close in comparison to these.  These are recommend for children between 30-50 pounds. But they are honestly perfect. I love these vest so much and they are so durable. We have had the same ones for a couple years now and they are still going strong! Well worth the $30-40!!



This life vest was honestly a life changer for me. I don’t worry about my children at all with these vest on. It keeps their heads above the surface. I don’t worry about them falling forward. These even give me peace of mind at the beach because the waters can get a bit rough at times.

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