How To Get Your Kids To Clean Their Rooms

I have three young children who are four, six, and seven. Sometimes it can be a struggle to get them to clean. 

As much as you tell them to “clean as you go” or “when you are finished with that make sure you remember to put it away” that doesn’t always work. 

  So what do I do? 

I don’t know about you but my children get overwhelmed when we announce “alright children…we are cleaning the house.” 

They look at the amount of work that needs to get done and it feels like they are tackling an impossible task. 

I have found a couple ways I have been able to successfully get my kiddos to clean their rooms that have worked for us! 

    One way I do this is to make cleaning up fun! 

The Kids

My kids love math. (I know… I hope that stays that way). Sometimes we use addition/subtraction flashcards and they pick from the pile and the answer to the addition or subtraction problem would be how many items they pick up. 


Sometimes I will create my own problems for them with multiple steps to challenge them. For example: 12+6 (they give me the answer) then I subtract 5. They have loved this and whenever it comes time to clean up they will ask to play! 


Another version could be by color if your kiddos are a little younger (like my four year old). This works in the same way. (“Pick up four items that are red.”)


Another way I get our kiddos to clean up in the living room is putting on the “timer” that has a clean up song with it from YouTube. I will even put it up on the living room TV so that they can see the  counter while they are cleaning. There are different time frames you can choose from depending on how much time your kiddos will need. 


I obviously won’t give them five minutes if I know that the room will take them longer to do. I set a fair time and they tend to work together as a team to get the room cleaned! If I see they are struggling I will allow more time as long as they are showing progress. Again, I try and be fair and this lets them feel like they won a game by beating the timer! This has worked very well with my kids. 


   The trick to getting your kids to clean a messy room is not to make it a dreaded task. 


They will fight you every step of the way. Which can also be frustrating on you! I will put a link to the video and flashcards that we use if you are interested! 


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